Cleaning For the environment

Good for the Environment

Cleaning For the community

Good for the Community

Cleaning For Health

Good for your Health

Cleaning For People

Good for People

Our Services

As a commercial cleaning company, Janarus supports our clients by creating clean and healthy environments. Our cleaning specialists guarantee that your facility is cleaned with the highest industry standards.

Our Name and Our Commitment

Our family started in the commercial cleaning industry almost 20 years and our work in this industry has culminated in the company, Janarus: The Good Janitors. In ancient Rome, Janus is the god of new beginnings, change, and transitions, who looks forward to the future while remembering the past. Janarus combines the symbolism of Janus and the words "janitor" and "generous" in order to encapsulate a concept for our company that is committed to giving back while serving your cleaning needs. Whether it is our global and local initiatives, our eco-friendly cleaning processes, our professionally trained cleaning specialists, or our superior cleaning services for clients, Janarus is cleaning for good.

Our family started in the commercial cleaning industry almost 20 years

Why Janarus

Good for the Environment

From products and processes, Janarus is committed to keeping things green and sustainable.

Good for the Community

Whether at work on our global Sanitation Project or local projects that improve our neighborhoods, Janarus is committed to giving back to our communities.

Good for Health

Our cleaning processes decrease indoor air contaminants and the spread of germs.

Good for People

Whether it is people in our company or in our communities, Janarus strives to empower and improve lives.

Janarus is committed to empowering our franchisees by providing opportunities for successful entrepreneurship.

Our Franchisees

We are now offering franchise opportunities! If you are considering something new and have a passion for impacting community, developing a long-term business and creating healthy environments, then we would love for you to take a deeper look...

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